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Volunteer Coordination Center "SAMOOBORONA" [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Volunteer Coordination Center "SAMOOBORONA"

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(no subject) [Jun. 6th, 2007|10:45 pm]
Volunteer Coordination Center "SAMOOBORONA"

Standing Together (www.stogether.org), a volunteer organization dedicated to supporting the Israeli soldiers, has started a project aimed at providing much needed business to Sderot bakeries. It is an attempt to both compensate these businesses for a severe reduction of their local customer base and to express solidarity with the plight of the courageous town. For 25 shekels (roughly $6.2) you can order 2 challot and 1/2 kilo (1 lb) of cookies or rugelach, to be delivered from a Sderot bakery to your neighborhood on Friday. All orders must submitted and paid in full by 10 p.m. on Wednesday. To find out where you can order in your neighborhood, or for any further information, please write to info@stogether.org or standingtogether@gmail.com. Last week 1200 challot were ordered from Sderot. They are also offering the opportunity to purchase, for 25 shekels, a food package from a makolet (minimarket) in Sderot to be distributed to needy families all over Israel.
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Please correct community info [Mar. 23rd, 2007|01:41 pm]
Volunteer Coordination Center "SAMOOBORONA"

"Directly to SAMOOBORONA by credit card via PayPal - izgnanie@yahoo.com or simply click here." — The link shows as "http://community.livejournal.com/samooborona_eng/www.ahavatisrael.info/paypal" and is obviously broken.

Frankly, the whole paragraph needs rewriting: paypal information shows up once as Heritage and tax-deductible, once as non-deductible. This is very confusing. And the main kind of help that can be expected from the people who access samooborona_eng is financial support, so this is crucial.

Thank you.
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October 19th Press Release [Oct. 26th, 2006|01:45 pm]
Volunteer Coordination Center "SAMOOBORONA"

The following people received monetary aid from SAMOOBORONA. All money was distributed in accordance with the donor’s wishes and following consultations with doctors and social workers.
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August 24 Press-Release [Oct. 26th, 2006|01:39 pm]
Volunteer Coordination Center "SAMOOBORONA"

Volunteer Coordination Center “Self-Defense”, Press-release, Aug. 24th

Our goal is to provide aid to residents of Israel who suffered as a result of recent hostilities.
We are a volunteer, unofficial and independent charitable organization that originated as an online community at LiveJournal.com. We are not affiliated with any political parties, civil or political movements.
We are a community of private individuals, both secular and religious, of various professions and social status, who hold different and, at times, opposite political views, yet are united in our desire to help others.

The main areas of our activity are:
During wartime:
1) collecting information about families that want to leave the war zone and families that are willing to host refugees;
2) assistance in evacuation of families to safe areas of the country
3) collecting information about people in need of humanitarian assistance
4) collecting humanitarian aid, organizing and delivering aid convoys
5) psychological help and free hotlines for people living in the war zone
6) collecting monetary donations to provide for humanitarian needs of war zone residents
After the war:
1) collecting information on people that were wounded or suffered property and financial damage
2) collecting monetary donations via PayPal account izgnanie@yahoo.com to provide for immediate needs of those people and delivering money to the affected families
3) psychological help and free hotlines for people directly affected by the war

Since the inception of the Coordination Center we accomplished the following:
1) Over 600 families from the North relocated into other areas of the country. Most of them were accommodated by other families who shared part of their apartments or houses. Many families were evacuated from the war zone by our volunteer drivers.
2) 8 humanitarian aid warehouses organized in private residencies all over the country - Haifa, Migdal ha-Emek, Netaniya, Tel Aviv, Rehovot, Ashdod, Jerusalem and Beer Sheva.
3) 11 car convoys with humanitarian aid sent out to the North
· to Tzfat (1 minibus and 4 cars, around 70 family-size food packages)
· to Kiryat Shmona (4 cars, around 180 personal food packages)
· to Maalot (1 car, 43 personal food packages)
· to Kiryat Shmona (9 cars, around 270 family-size food packages or bottled water)
· to Tzfat (2 minibuses and 6 cars, around 300 family-size food packages or bottled water)
· to Maalot (4 cars, around 120 personal food packages)
· to Kiryat Shmona (5 cars, around 140 family-size food packages or bottled water)
· to Tzfat (2 minibuses and 4 cars, around 3 tons of bottled water and 120 family-size food packages)
· to Or ha-Ganuz (3 cars with blankets, diapers and other non-food necessities)
· to Acco (4 full cars)
4) over 130,000 shekels were collected in our accounts and in the accounts of charitable organizations assisting us in our activities
5) this money is being distributed to people injured during the war (both civilians and soldiers), to families that suffered severe financial losses due to the war, to the disabled and to single mothers. The beneficiaries of our financial assistance are not only seriously affected by the war, but are also not receiving the required government aid and have no other sources of income.
Municipalities of Maalot and Kiryat Gat sent us formal letters thanking us for the work of our volunteers during wartime.

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